Frequently Asked Questions

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Common Questions

What are your hours?

Wichita KS:  Snappy Photo is open 11am - 5:30pm Monday through Friday.  Closed 1pm-2pm daily for lunch.  Closed Saturday and Sundays.  They are closed on most national holidays.  Contact store at 316-942-8777 for specific holiday hours.    Springfield, Mo:  417 Photo Works is open 10am-5pm Tuesday through Fridays, by appointment on Saturdays and closed on Sundays. They are closed on most national holidays.  Contact store at 417-824-2594 for specific holiday hours.

Where are you located?

MJ Memories has teamed up with two great locally owned businesses to bring affordable quality lens rentals to two locations.  We now offer rentals through Snappy Photo in Wichita, KS and 417 Photoworks in Springfield, MO.
SnappyPhoto (Wichita location) is located near the corner of West and Maple at 160 S West St.   
417 Photo Works (Springfield location) is located behind Rib Crib on 1700 S Campbell, Suite G

How do I care for the lens during my rental period?

The equipment all comes clean and ready to use.  We understand that during use you may need to clean the lens. We ask that if the lens needs cleaning, please use a micro fiber cloth or a lens cleaning tissue.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is available online and can be accessed on this website.

What if I have a question that isn’t covered by the FAQ?

Send us an e-mail at and we would be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Rental Questions

What standard rental periods are available?

The minimum rental period for local customers is three days.  Additional rental options are available in 1 week, 10 days, 2 - 4 week increments.  A week is defined as seven consecutive days.  Lenses are rented on a first-come, first-serve basis via e-mail notification.

Do you offer custom rental periods?

If the standard rental periods do not meet your lens rental needs please contact us at to discuss the availability of the lens and other rental options.

May I extend my rental?

If a lens remains available it may be possible to extend your rental contract.    Arrangements must be made before the original rental contract period expires. Contract extensions are subject to the same minimal rental requirements and owner approval.  If your rental is extended you will be charged the average price per day you paid for the origional rental

When does the rental period begin and end?

When using the preferred method of shipping as stated in FAQ #35, the rental period begins when the first attempt is made to deliver our lens and ends on the day as defined in your rental agreement.  (EXAMPLE based on a 1 week contract:  If you order the lens on a Monday and the first attempt to deliver is made on Wednesday then the lens must be postmarked for return by the following Wednesday).  When using an alternate method of shipping that does not guarantee delivery times your rental period automatically begins three days from the postmarked date on the package.  (EXAMPLE based on a 1 week contract:  If you order a lens and it is postmarked on Monday your rental period begins on Wednesday and must be postmarked by the following Wednesday for return).  PLEASE NOTE, since we require a signature in order for the lens to be delivered, it is important that someone be present to sign for the lens. 

What if my return date falls on a holiday? 

If your rental period ends on a holiday you will have until the next business day to return the lens.

Can I rent more than one lens at a time?

There is no limit on the number of lenses you can rent at one time. All lenses are subject to availability.  Please note, since our lenses are shipped in individually customized hard protective cases we will not be able to combine lens orders and shipping will be charged on each lens.  Also, MJ Memories may require a copy of your drivers license and/or a security deposit with multiple lens rentals. 

Can I reserve a lens?

You can reserve a lens provided the rental period is 1 week or longer.  Due to the high demand for our lenses, we currently do not accept reservations for rental periods less than 1 week.  If you would like to reserve a lens, please send an e-mail to that includes the following information:  the desired lens, the preferred rental dates, and your contact information. 

Do you charge a deposit?

Our standard policy is that no deposit is required to reserve or rent a lens.  We believe that our customers are avid photographer enthusiasts or professional photographers who are trustworthy and share our enthusiasm in offering a quality product or service.  Please help us maintain this policy by following through with your reservation requests and taking proper care of the lens while it’s in your possession.  Though it is standard policy to not require a deposit, MJ Memories may charge a deposit if deemed appropriate by one of our employees following company procedures.

Do you charge late fees?

In order to provide assurance to our customers on the availability of a lens a quick turn around time with our lenses is critical.  Consequently, we must charge a late fee on rentals not returned as stated in the rental contract.  The late fee is determined based on the time stamp of the return shipment and is 25% of one week's rental fee per each day it’s late. In order to avoid a late fee we encourage our customers to utilize the option to extend their rental (see FAQ #7).

What is the cancelation procedure?

Please notify us as soon as possible on the cancelation of a lens reservation.  There is no cancelation fee for notifications received at least 7 days in advance.  Up to a $50 cancelation fee will be charged if notifications are received in less than 7 days.  This fee covers the administration costs associated with cancelation of an order

What comes with a lens rental?

We ship each lens with all the accessories it would come with if you were purchasing the lens brand new. Each lens will arrive with front and rear caps, a quick reference card with care and usage instructions as well as tips for using that particular lens, and a micro fiber cleaning cloth.  Many of our lenses come with protective UV filters.  These filters can be removed.  However, the chances for damaging the lens glass become greater so we strongly encourage all our customers to leave the UV filters in place.  Everything you receive with the lens except the complimentary micro fiber lens cloth must be returned when your rental period expires.

How do I know when a particular lens is in stock?

The website contains up to date information on the status of our lens.  If you are interested in a lens that is currently out of stock you can put in a request to be put on a lens notification list.  You will be notified by e-mail when the lens becomes available.  The lens will be rented out on a first-come, first-serve basis through the website. 

What if the Springfield catalog doesn't have the lens I need but it is available in Wichita?

If there is a lens that our Wichita store stocks and is not available in Springfield store, it may be ordered and shipped to 417 Photo Works for pickup.  Processing and shipping takes 48 hours.  Cost to have equipment shipped from Wichita is $30 per lens; this includes the return shipping costs.

What does "Anticipated Availability Date" message mean?

This is the earliest date we anticipate having the lens back in stock and in rental condition.  This date is subject to change since it is based on the assumption that our lenses will be returned on time and have not been damaged during the previous rental.

Does all equipment come with manuals?

We do not include manuals with our rentals.  Currently we include a set of basic instructions and tips that will guide you in our equipment usage with some of the more complex lenses.  Eventually we plan to make this type of information available on all of our lenses.  Also, under the resource link, you can find links to Canon to download full instruction manuals in a PDF format.

What is the condition of the lens when it arrives?

We intentionally allow a day in between rentals so we can inspect and clean each lens to ensure it is in perfect working condition before it is shipped.  If any functional defects are noted during the inspection process, the lens will be removed from our stock and not be available for rent. We will notify our customers of any delays in a timely manner as well as allow you an opportunity to modify your order. 

What if the rental item becomes damaged in transit?

We pack the equipment in a customized, padded and sealed hard case to ensure its safety during the shipping process.  However, if you notice that your package has significant damage when it arrives, you must notify us within 1 hour of receiving the package and provide pictures of the condition of the box to substantiate the claim.  Upon evaluation of the pictures we will make a determination on the status of the rental.

What if a lens is damaged while it is in a customer’s possession?

The customer is responsible for any damage caused to a lens while it is in their possession.  MJ Memories should be notified and the lens should be returned immediately.  See FAQ # 44 & #45 for additional information on the customer’s responsibility and insurance options.

What do you consider damage?

We consider damage any defect to the lens that would affect lens function, performance, and/or quality.  Examples of damage include, but are not limited to, defects on: the front or rear glass, the UV filter, coupling contacts, switches, or any other part that affects the lens' performance will be considered damage. Minor scratches to the lens barrel and hood are considered results of ordinary usage and will not result in damage assessments.

What if I wish to rent something you do not currently offer?

We are constantly striving to provide our customers with the most complete and extensive rental options in the business. Please contact us with your comments and requests so we can better serve your lens rental needs in the future.

Order Processing and Shipping

When is my credit card charged?

As soon as you place the order through our shopping cart, the order total is automatically charged to your credit card. 

Do you charge sales tax?

Rentals picked up at our Wichita location will be charged the local sales tax rate of 7.5%.  If you are picking equipment up at our Springfield location,  you will be charged their local sales tax rate of 7.6%.

How do I pick equipment?

Wichita, KS: Equipment can be picked up in Wichita, KS at Snappy Photo.  Snappy Photo is located at 160 S. West St. next door to Jimmy's  Egg.  Snappy is open 11am-5:30 pm Monday through Friday.  Closed on Saturday and Sunday.  Closed 1pm-2pm weekdays for lunch.  Springfield, MO:  Equipment can be picked up in Springfield, MO at 417 Photo Works.  417 Photo Works is located at 1700 S Campbell Ave behind the Rib Crib.  417 Photo Works is open 9am-5pm Monday through Friday.  Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

What will I need to pick-up my lens?

The person whose name is designated on the order needs to be present in order to pick up the lens.  We cannot release rentals to friends, family members, etc., unless their name is specified on the order.  Additionally, you (or the designated person) will need to provide a state-issued picture id. 

How fast do you process orders?

The commitment we have made to our customers is that we will process an order within the first 24 hours after it has been received.  Processing times are subject to change during peak rental seasons.  Rentals are processed in the order they are received.

Can an order be expedited?

Depending on the volume of rentals we are processing and the availability of the lens, orders may be expedited and the processing time may be accelerated to best accommodate our customer’s lens rental needs.  Please contact us at  before placing the order if you need immediate assistance.

How do I return the lens?

Equipment is to be returned to the store location where it was initially picked up.  

Should I clean the lens before returning it?

There is no need for you to clean the lens before returning it.  Cleaning and maintaining the lenses is part of the service we provide to our customers.

Can I take the rental outside the United States?

We have no policy against taking our lenses abroad.  Please note that the lens must be shipped to a domestic address and all other conditions of the rental agreement apply. 


What type of insurance is available?

Insurance can be purchased through MJ Memories and added on to your order through our website. 

How do I purchase insurance?

Most items we rent have an insurance purchase selection option next to the rental period radio buttons. The "Yes" option indicates how much insurance will cost for a particular item. If you forget to add insurance to your order during checkout, please contact us and we can add it to your order if it has not yet shipped.   Please note that we do not offer insurance on our electronic rentals.

What is covered by the insurance?

Most unintentional damage to the lens is covered under this optional insurance policy. Lost or stolen items are not covered.  However, your renter's, homeowner's or photographer's insurance policies might cover this kind of situation - please check with your insurance agent for details.

What if the equipment is damaged in my possession and I did not purchase the optional insurance?

MJ Memories should be notified and the lens should be returned immediately.  Once the lens is returned we will evaluate the damage.  If we determine that a repair is needed, a temporary hold will be placed on your credit card for an estimated repair amount.  Any repairs will be completed by the original manufacturer.  We will charge you only what the repair shop charges us.  A copy of that manufacturer’s invoice is available upon the customer’s request.  The customer may also be responsible for any lost revenue during the repair time as deemed necessary by the owner.

What if the equipment is damaged in my possession and I purchased the optional insurance coverage?

MJ Memories should be notified and the lens should be returned immediately.  Once the lens is returned we will evaluate the damage.  Any necessary repairs will be completed by the original manufacturer.  The customer will be charged up to the deductible amount and MJ Memories will pay any additional cost. The deductible is 15% of the lens replacement value (EXAMPLE:  if the lens’ replacement cost is $1,000 the customer will pay the first $150 of the repair cost and MJ Memories will be responsible for the balance.)